Apple iPad Wi-Fi + 3G


Apple is known for its highly innovated product categories and features. Apple has a mission to excel in the world of innovation. It has established itself not as a company which launches number of products each year with slight differences but as a company which is known for its genuinely innovated products and accomplishment in producing the most desired specification rich gadgets for its customers. Apple is a world famous and most respected conglomerates for producing a wide range of devices that are coupled with state-of-the-art technology and startling set of features. The new addition to its iPad series is out there, a tablet named Apple iPad Wi-Fi + 3G, along with numerous add-ons to extol this gadget. You can check out the pros and cons of this iPad Wi-Fi + 3G tablet in the following paragraphs. Its obligatory to admire the body structure of this tablet, the 9.7 inches touch screen, flatter silver body, sleek and shiny oleophobic coating for scratch resisting, higher resolution pixels (768×1024). The tablet also has some downsides in this section, as there is no kickstand to support it while standing on a table. You may often face hurdles with typing speed and may require a keyboard. The Apple iPad Wi-Fi + 3G is embedded with 1 GHz Cortex-A8 central processing unit that can operate the iOS 4 operating system that can further be upgraded to iOS 5.1. The tablet is available in 2G and 3G models and the later one only supports the micro sim card unlike the other 3G devices. There is no support for flash player in web browser. Internal memory is although quite enough to store up to 64 GB multimedia and other data. This tablet does not support an external card slot, which means you can enjoy 10 hours of talk time and 1 month of stand-by time because the use of external slot in a gadget consumes extra power. No camera in this tablet is a big minus and you will be unable to make live communications and to snap precious moments of life. Moreover, there is no standard USB port and you will need to purchase it as accessory by paying extra money. The global version of the next Apple, the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G is now official along with its full specs. Feature phones have been busy adding more features to their arsenal in a bid to survive the onslaught of cheap Smartphone’s. This Apple machine has the technology of multi-touch input method, accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate and three-axis gyro sensor and proximity sensor for auto turn-off. The new technologies in this machine are microsim card support only, scratch-resistant glass back panel, active noise cancellation with dedicated mic, digital compass, Google Maps, audio/video player and editor, voice command and voice dial and a TV-out. A 3.5mm audio jack too perhaps is better than expected for the price you pay. The memory of gadget is 16/32/64 GB storage with 256 MB RAM. The operating system of apple device is iOS 4. Its CPU is 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor, PowerVR SGX535GPU, Apple A4 chipset. As we mentioned above, integrated mobile broadband isn’t the only way to get online with your iPad when you’re outside of Wi-Fi hotspot range. Devices like the MiFi (available from Sprint for free on contract and $50 from Verizon Wireless) and Sprint Overdrive (pictured, $99) can connect up to five Wi-Fi devices, though the cost of service is $59 per month. We especially like the MiFi because of its smaller profile, although the Overdrive offers faster speeds where 4G coverage is available. And because the iPad sees mobile hotspots as a Wi-Fi connection, you won’t be saddled with the 3G model’s limitations, such as the 20MB iTunes download cap, degraded streaming video quality, and the fact that some apps simply don’t work (like Skype). On paper, mobile hotspot devices seem like a better deal than a 3G iPad, but there are significant drawbacks. They don’t last very long on a charge (2 to 3 hours), and they take longer to connect than the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G. Plus, with the MiFi there’s no way to tell your signal strength; the Overdrive has a tiny LCD that displays this info. An iPad + MiFi combo is more economical and much less restrictive, especially for those who want to use a single device to connect a laptop and iPad, but it’s not terribly convenient. Apple claims that the iPad can surf the web over 3G for up to 9 hours, and our results didn’t fall too short of that. When running the LAPTOP Battery Test (continuous web surfing on 40 percent brightness), the device lasted a very good 8 hours and 21 minutes. That’s more than enough time to get through a full work day. The Wi-Fi–only iPad lasted 9 hours and 28 minutes, so you’re only losing about an hour of endurance. 3G-enabled netbooks usually last significantly less when using that radio versus Wi-Fi, which is a credit to the iPad’s efficient A4 chip and the fact that this device is powered by a mobile operating system and not a desktop OS. The Apple iPad Wi-Fi + 3G is a compact device and intermingle of trustworthy features that let you interact with latest technologies. Although, there are some negative points at each section but it still can attract lot of customers to the Apple shops.



Price in USA $562

Price in UK £320

Price in EURO €410

Price in PAK Rs.61,500

Price in INDIA Rs.33,861