BlackBerry PlayBook WiMax


BlackBerry PlayBook WiMax is announced in 2010, September ..BlackBerry PlayBook WiMax mobile specifications with complete details in which are general information, body, display, sound, memory, data, battery, miscellaneous and full features are available here BlackBerry PlayBook WiMax is a complete package for mobile users. BlackBerry series is very popular all over the world. If we will compare with other companies BlackBerry is one of the leading brand. If you consider blackberry as a mobile manufacturing and service providers alone you need to think again. Blackberry has been producing tablets as well and has acquired the same reputation in this zone as has been enjoying in mobiles industry. Blackberry playbook Wimax is one their finest tablets launched so far. There are interesting things you would like to know about this tablet. Let’s find out what exactly they are. It is smaller in size compared to famous galaxy tab but not lesser in performance. The screen is only 5 inches tall and 7.5 inches wide. While you look inside this you will find many things to be surprised by. This smart machine has dual-core 1 GHz processor along with 1 GB RAM. This great combination is capable of doing wonders to your working. Excellent performance capability of Blackberry playbook Wimax allows you do heavy task over this with smoothness and speed. Above the screen you’ll see a 3-megapixel camera staring back at you, along with an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts screen brightness. Flip the tablet over and you’ll find another camera, this one a 5-megapixel job that can capture video at 1080p quality. Storage of this tablet does not really disappoint you. As a matter of fact it does not support any extra memory through microSD card. The good thing about blackberry playbook Wimax is that it comes in three built-in storages options i.e. 16GB/32GB/64GB. So choose one which suffices your requirements and forget about replacing memory cards time and again. The BlackBerry Playbook is a strategically important product for Blackberry. It’s an important competitive gesture to both Apple and Google that a third way is possible and that there are still interesting and innovative things to be done in this space. It shows a direction to innovate and manufacture better performing tablets. Overall this tablet is having good combination of features and pre-installed applications. This tablet is best thing to buy for blackberry loyal.



Price in USA $303

Price in UK £180

Price in EURO €220

Price in PAK Rs.29,990

Price in INDIA Rs.16,661