HTC Desire 200


Looking to build on the success of the HTC Desire 200 launched in July 2013, the HTC Desire 200 packs a range of low-end specs that are more than sufficient for a budget device. The basic 3.5” screen comes with 320x480 pixels resolution, which even at that small size only returns 165 ppi density, so it's unlikely that you will use it for anything but basic tasks, rather than staring at it for hours browsing or watching vids. It is otherwise sufficiently bright outside, with good color representation and tolerable viewing angles, but due to the low resolution everything looks pretty ugly and pixelated. HTC is pushing the handset's audio smarts, boasting Beats Audio and bundling "our highest quality in-ear headset" with the handset. The HTC Desire 200 also comes with a 5MP camera which HTC says is super intuitive to use, and runs HTC Sense over Android (although HTC hasn't deigned to tell us which iteration). Wonderfully, HTC has provided an illustration of the handset's size, pegging it at 'a bit bigger than a credit card. The camera is probably the best that one can ever have from HTC series of phones. Overall experience is fast and shrewd. The HTC Desire 200 is a feature-rammed phone with the hardware to support it. It is got a huge screen with the 1GHz processor underneath, and the Sense UI is a system that keeps getting better with every iteration. HTC Desire 200 it just works as you want it to as a phone and an internet tablet pc at the same time. An awesome customization option on the home screen makes it even more personal. It has smooth edges that are comfortable for long phone calls. It has 3.5 inch AMOLED screen is bright and vivid. Internet Browsing is most satisfying than on any other phones. Well its battery life is depending on how you plan to use this phone, the battery will either be garbage, or it will last for few hours or for a day with active use. HTC Sense widget auto-refresh time can drain battery easily. This is a phenomenal device. The screen is lovely, the design is slick and processor makes everything happen in a flash. The HTC Desire 200 is one of the compact and simple smart phones for users who want to discover the platform of Android without having to make a major pay out on mobile.



Price in USA $250

Price in UK £150

Price in EURO €190

Price in PAK Rs.21,500

Price in INDIA Rs.9,000