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LG introduces new smartphone Optimus G E970 on November 2012. The LG Optimus G for AT&T (model number LG-E970) is big and rectangular, to the point where it feels like a tablet that was shrunk down to fit in your pocket. Other than the fact that it doesn't come in white, it bears a heavy resemblance to the LG Optimus 4X HD. It's a slab of black plastic with right-angled edges and a spacious 4.7-inch screen, measuring 5.15 inch x 2.82 inch x 0.33 inch (130.8 x 71.6 x 8.4 mm) in total. That big 4.7-inch multi-touch display is one of the best feathers in the Optimus G's cap. It's huge, and running at 1280x720 resolution (318 ppi) makes it great for reading, browsing the web or playing games. While 1280x720 is the G's default resolution, LG claims support for up to 1920x1080 for the right video. Rotating the phone in and out of landscape mode is a bit disappointing. It's not as snappy as we'd hoped, considering all the horsepower under the hood. This is especially true on the home screen, where you have a to wait a beat for app icons and widgets to pop back in. The browser, however, does an admirable job of quickly resizing the page between landscape and portrait. Overall, not an unreasonable amount of lag, just more than we'd expect from a quad-core phone with 2GB of RAM. QuickMemo is a fun and handy LG app that allows you to compose fast and sloppy handwritten messages, right over a home screen or on a blank memo page. Being able to jump into it from a home screen icon or the notification center makes it fast enough to actually be helpful, since yanking your smartphone out of a pocket or purse is usually faster than digging in your bag for pen and paper. Writing with your thumb or index finger is never going to make for great penmanship, but it's a fine substitute for jotting down a quick phone number when you can't find a pen. After you make the note, you can save and export it like a gallery picture, or share it via email, Google Drive or social networks. You can also keep the note showing over the home screen as a handy reminder. As for the microphone on the LG Optimus, it's average at best, and honestly leaves a little something to be desired. Calls often had a bit of static in the background, and voices over the line were fuzzy. It was usually necessary to play with the volume levels in order to get things comfortable. We'd call it an average performance overall, not a deal breaker, but not a feather in the Optimus G's cap either. Speakerphone performance was equally fuzzy. Calls needed to be kept at half volume to prevent voices from being distorted. The Optimus G has two pinhole microphones, and their range doesn't pick up well beyond sitting at the end of a desk. Within that range voices came in loud and clear. One of the biggest differences between the Sprint and AT&T versions of the LG Optimus G is the camera, with the Sprint boasting a 13-megapixel camera and the AT&T having 8-megapixels. Both phones shoot 1080p video. As is the the case with most phones, the camera on the AT&T model of the LG Optimus G does its best work outdoors in strong sunlight. Indoors shots or pictures with uneven light gave it trouble. Pictures were sometimes dark, but could be improved by adjusting the white balance or ISO. There's also manual focus control and few color effects. On the default setting, color contrasts are high, resulting in some rather eye-popping hues. It's not true to life, by the stylization can be nice. The front facing 1.3-megapixel camera is extremely standard and takes an extremely standard picture. It's just fine for video chat and Skype. We thought a quad-core processor and 4G LTE support would spell trouble for the LG Optimus G's battery. Since the battery is non-removable, we were worried, but ended up pleasantly surprised with the phone's 2100mAh cell's performance. Stay entertained with this LG Optimus G E970 mobile phone that features a 4.7" high-definition IPS touch screen for crisp images and easy navigation, as well as built-in Wi-Fi for simple Web access. The 32GB total memory capacity lets you store your favorite media.


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Price in USA $563

Price in UK £336

Price in EURO €420

Price in PAK Rs.63,000

Price in INDIA Rs.30,354

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