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“LAS VEGAS” Though it was released in South Korea this past September, the Optimus Vu II, LG's updated phablet device, cropped up at LG's booth during CES 2013. You still get a 4:3 aspect ratio display, which clocks in at 5-inches and boasts a 1024x768 XGA resolution. The odd shape of the screen means the Optimus Vu 2, likes its predecessor is more of a square shape which makes the handset very wide and difficult to hold in one hand. LG has managed to keep the weight down on the Vu 2 and the frame is quite thin so while your fingers may be struggling to properly wrap round at least your wrist isn't giving way. It looks like a premium device thanks to the metallic frame running around its perimeter, but the sturdy chassis of the Optimus Vu 2 is predominantly plastic with no brush aluminium in sight. The screen itself is bright and responsive and we had no trouble navigating our way around Android, although we were disappointed to find the LG Optimus Vu 2 was running Ice Cream Sandwich. With a 1.5GHz quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM the Vu 2 has plenty of power under the hood and that makes for a smooth user experience and apps which open quickly. You get 16GB of internal storage in the Optimus Vu 2 and there's a microSD card slot on hand if you feel the need to expand the memory capabilities. LG has pre-installed Google Chrome alongside the stock Android browser, and thanks to its 4G connectivity, strong Wi-Fi support and powerful processor we we're able to nip around the web at a decent pace. Both desktop and mobile sites looked good on the Optimus Vu 2, and the 4:3 aspect ratio makes viewing full versions of websites easier. The 8MP camera on the back of the LG Optimus Vu 2 produces some pretty good quality images, and with features such as a flash, HDR, panorama, burst mode and a voice controlled shutter the app is well stocked. Shutter speed is quick and the voice controlled option is a fun way to take photos, with the simple command of "cheese" or "smile" enough for the Optimus Vu 2 to snap a picture. When it comes to signal quality, we didn’t have issues with dropped calls and won't experience tight grip antenna problems with the device because of its sheer size. The huge size is our main complain about the Vu. It’s just not fit for one-handed use - it’s too wide. Android Gingerbread now looks very dated and adds on to that undercooked feeling of the UI and phone in general. It’s probably no coincidence that LG didn’t release this globally - the phone is not yet ready for it. Korea, though, is a different world with commuters watching tons of TV on their devices and demanding an antenna for that. If we had to sum it up in one phrase, it’d be “Big in Korea.” We’ll leave this phone for them, with no final score as it simply doesn’t fit our reality for the time being. There's also a time machine mode which will take five photos before you hit the shutter, to ensure you don't miss the action you're trying to capture and it worked pretty well when we tested it out. Battery Stand-by Up to 400 h & Talk time Up to 8 h 20 min. In addition, the device has two new software features. One is called Panorama Note, which is just an expansion to LG's note-taking app, Quick Memo. Instead of being able to write and draw on one plane, you can scroll from side to side using a navigation tool on the bottom-right corner and take "panoramic notes" that are wider. Yes, via Java MIDP emulator JAVA support for several simpler games and applications can be found in LG OPTIMUS VU II F200. LG OPTIMUS VU II F200 comes in Black, White, Pink color to appeal your visual taste.


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Price in USA $510

Price in UK £310

Price in EURO €390

Price in PAK Rs.60,000

Price in INDIA Rs.30,463